Counting My Blessings

I’ve spoken so much of loss in this blog (have you read my previous posts?!). In full representation of who I am and what I have, the truth is my life is full of dear friends and family members. I am humbled and blessed by my wealth. Visiting them has been a balm to my soul. They are my blessings.

There are my lovely girlfriends in Colorado – all were first neighbors, then treasures: Susan, Starin, and Libby (and their equally dear husbands, Michael, Leo and Julian). I also had precious time with my son Matthew and his sweet wife, Patty, while in Colorado.

From Colorado I drove to Kansas City, Missouri to the home of Linda and her sister Sandra. Linda, Sister of My Heart – the woman who traveled great distances over the years to be present at the birth of each of my children, the death of my husband, my subsequent remarriage, the graduation of each child, and who has been with me in spirit through all of my challenges, joyous events and each and every heartache. I wish for everyone I know to have a Linda in their life.

In Ohio I had a joyous reunion with my beautiful niece Becki. My sister Debbie has been gone nearly eleven years now but her humor and beauty and sweetness live on in her daughter Becki. Pure happiness to be in her presence. Bonus to (finally) meet her husband, Russ.

In Delaware, my home during my middle and high school years (and a bit beyond), I stayed with Andy and Kay Kelleher, my former father- and mother-in-law. I enjoyed a trip down memory lane when they took me to their cottage on the Eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay. So many cherished memories were made there in Hazelmoor.

I attended my 40th high school reunion in Delaware – a true blast from the past seeing old friends and making merry. How did we get this old?! Dinner and lunch dates abounded – Dee Kelleher and Jimmy Kelleher and Diane Clifford Smith – all visits too short but sweet nonetheless. I was welcomed with open arms by Sandy Fischer, the first friend I made when I moved to Delaware back in the day. Years have passed but never the love. What a gracious, caring hostess and friend to this hobo! Her husband Patrick whipped up a dinner of comfort and care. My heart and my stomach thank you both. And Laura! My crazy, darling friend from college and beyond. Talk about love and loyalty, Laura Morris represents both. I was lucky enough to visit her twice. My final visit in Delaware was with another high school friend. Lori treated me like visiting royalty, fed and watered me very well, shared her delightful dog Floyd with me, and even set me loose in her kitchen so I could cook dinner one night – chicken piccata!

Without my friends, I would be lost. They love me even when I mess up and support me even if they don’t share my vision. Best of all, my friends know “love” is an action verb, not just a word, and all along my journey they have all shown me love by their acts of kindness and care. I am blessed indeed.

6 thoughts on “Counting My Blessings

  1. 💗Loved having you here fir reunion and some girl talk time. You were a sweet spirit when we were in HS and even more so now. Blessed by your blessings in your new journey. Look forward to seeing your writing talents blossom.


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