Dog Love

I am overwhelmed by Dog Love! I had no idea so many wonderful canines would become part of my Great Couch Surfing Adventure. One of my (very few) sorrows in choosing this new life has been leaving my Dixie Noodle behind. In a parallel, phantasmagoric, tabloid-channeling otherworld, Dixie and I would have been mountain-climbing, ballroom-dancing, motor speedway-racing best friends. The Noodle Doodle spent more time with me in our Colorado slice of heaven than any other living being and she knew my every mood and next move. She is charming and endearing and utterly adorable. I love her, don’t you know?! When I stayed with my friends Starin and Leo (friends two doors down from my (ex-) home in Pine), they invited Dixie, along with our other neighbors to brunch at their house the morning after my arrival in Colorado. I was getting dressed in the guest room when Dixie was brought over. I opened the door and saw her eating a biscuit in the living room and called out to her. She whipped her head up and around and looked at me in surprise and joyous astonishment, then bounded over to greet me with unbridled adoration. After a thorough sniff-over, she returned to her biscuit and then stuck to me like glue for the next couple of hours. When it was time for me to leave, I asked Leo to take her home so she wouldn’t see me leave her (again). We project so many human characteristics on our pets, especially our dogs. And well we should. Dogs are loyal, transparently loving, and eager to please. Dixie Noodle is no exception.

In my travels so far I’ve been turned to mush in the face of Dog Love from Lily Short, Chaz and Clover Franco, Murphy Fischer, Floyd Mansfield, Gordon and Shaggy Reinker, and Bella Smith. I celebrate them all. They, too, have enriched my experience.

With a grateful nod to the purr-fectly sweet cats in my travels (Jack and Al Morris, Polly Mansfield, and Maverick Davidson), and to Skipper Watkins, my friend Cheryl’s beautiful horse, we would all do well to aspire to manifest the unconditional love it appears only dogs are capable of giving. This wild, unchained, merciful fidelity is the kind of love God has for me – and you. No matter how far away I stray, no matter how much I mess up, God lavishes His unrestricted love on me. And I am prancing paws, wagging whipping thumping tail, slobbering gooey mush in the presence of God Love.

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